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Terms of use

  1. Mandatory condition for Livrareflori.md for the execution of the services is acceptance and use by the parties according to the rules stipulated by Livrareflori.md
  2. We provide services of:
    • Delivery
    • Creation of bouquets and floral arrangements for all occasions.
    • Flower arrangements and floral composition for receptions, conferences rooms, offices
    • Wedding bouquet and all the full range of wedding products
    • Floral decoration for baptism
  3. The service of „making and delivering floral compositions, sales and delivery of adjacent products” must be fully paid.
  4. Examples of works and products an the site are just a few examples. Each floristic composition has an individual character and can differ in packing, size, etc. There are possible changes in number, assortment, depending on the season and other factors. Flowers are a seasonal product, and it’s not always possible to find flowers in the store. Thus, the product may differ from those illustrated on the website in the internet. Despite this, all floral compositions are made from fresh flowers and the store takes care that the colors and shape of the composition match those shown on the site.
  5. Video at delivery is made with a professional camera. It is sent to the customer’s email address within about 3  days from delivery. You may choose the desired music as a background for your video, just by specifying the information to the operator. The video is also placed on our YouTube channel. Here you can specify to the operator the consent to add video to the channel or not.
  6. If you don’t know the adress of the recipient, please let us know the phone number of a person whom we can call. Together with him/her we determine the date, place and time of delivery. If the recipient refuses to receive the flowers for any reason, the delivery is deemed executed and the money is not refunded.
  7. If the customer is not satisfied with the execution of the order, or the quality of the delivered products: please contact within 24 hours aft  delivery. Flowers are an alterable  product and we will not be able to replace the product or return the paid amount if we are not informed on time about the issue. If you put an order correctly executed and paid, and our team  does not fulfill it, we guarantee the full refund of the paid amount.
  8. Payment of the services is made by the customer in advance in amount of 100% of the cost of the services, by any method chosen from the „Payment method” field on the site, or proposed by the operator. Except for the orders made for the bride’s bouquet, the wedding decorations.
  9. The minimal value of the order must be 300 lei.
  10. The responsibility of Livrareflori.md, as a result of the claims on the services or their fulfillment is limited to the amount paid by the customer.
  11. If there are any changes in the order or you want to add some additional products or modify the greeting card, you must prevent us by phone call, send us an email or come to our office with at least 4 hours (in work time) in Chișinău and 10 hours for the rest of Moldova. In case you don’t respect this rule and come back with modifications with an hour ahead, we do not assume the responsibility to perform the given changes. If the customer announces only with 3 hours preventive the change of the bouquet, it will have be paid 100%.
  12. If the order is cancelled (not more than 24 hours) we will guarantee the return of the paid money. The bank charge will be deducted from the returned amount.
  13. The delivery in Chișinău, as well as in it's suburbs, will be made within 2 hours after placement and payment of the order. In the rest of districts of Moldova, delivery can be made at least 6 hours after placement and payment of the order. The delivery is made within the hours indicated by the customer during the completion of checkout on the site, by phone or at the office.
  14. When the order has to be delivered to the hotels, campsites, etc., the customer indicates the number of the apartments and the recipient’s registration name (or a group, ex: Mr and Mrs). Orders in the hotel can only be delivered to the reception. Because in many hotels it is not allowed for delivery services to pass further than reception. Delivery to the reception on the set date is considered as an executed order. We are not responsible for the delay of the order or the impossibility of delivery due to the wrong address of the hotel, or earlier departure of the recipient in the hotel, changes in the number of apartment, etc.
  15. The accuracy of the delivery depends on the recipient’s data, which you provide us with. Therefore, please carefully complete the checkout, and if it’s necessary mention the specific data in the order’s comments (the code from the staircase, in what department is he or she working, etc.)
  16. Each customer (with delivery) must indicate the exact address of the recipient. If the owner does not know the delivery address, we ask the recipient for it. In case of supplying the wrong or incomplete data required to execute the delivery, or the absence of the recipient at the indicated address, the customer is informed about the changes is the order status; the recipient will be called to conclude the correctness of the delivery data, and if the recipient is at the other address, the bouquet will go as soon as possible to the new address, the bouquet will go as soon as possible to the new address. Only after this, the holder will pay the amount for the repeated delivery.
    • 59 lei – the cost in the city.
    • For other destinations, the repeated delivery is the same sum as the initial delivery. If the recipient is not at the indicated address and (or) is not available, the bouquet returns to the company. Within 72 if we don't find the recipient, even with the help of the customer, the order is considered delivered and the money is not refunded.
  17. The execution, such as the send of the picture is only made with the consent of the recipient.
  18. In the moment of providing the necessary information for order execution, the customer undertakes to comply with the rules of the legislation in force.  (Ex: not to use in the text of greeting card non-standard lexical, not to use the services of the shop as a bribe, not to use the delivery service workers to enter in places with prohibited access or other violations.)
  19. The customer has the obligation to comply with the law and to provide reliable data when placing the order.
  20. The procedure and terms of refunding money depends on which payment method you have chosen. If the payment method was made with the card, the return of the funds is only on the card account with which the payment has been made.
  21. Cancellation of an order can only be done by phone or at the office. At least 5 hours in advance for orders in Chișinău and 24 hours in the country, and if the order has not already been prepared. International orders can't be canceled.
  22. Orders for the same day and the next night are taken until 21:30.
  23. In case of violation of the given condition by the customer, the store has the right to stop performing the service until the violations have been remedied and the damages incurred by the store have been canceled or the agreement will be terminated, and the customer will be informed by his email which was written while completing the order.
  24. On holidays, such as Valentine's Day or 8th of March, we make deliveries at certain time, intervals set by the company. These are: 7:00-12:00, 12:00-17:00, 17:00-23:00.. We do not deliver in fixed hours.
  25. On holidays (Valentines day, 8th of March) we make deliveries only in Chișinău an suburbs, and in Ialoveni.
  26.  In breach of the above stipulations, the shop is responsible for failure to meet the conditions, if it occurs as a result of fors major, including the actions of state bodies, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural calamities,, unstable computer networks, power outage, strikes, and other cases not included in the list, which may influence the execution of the order.
  27. Livrareflori.md can not be penalized for not providing additional free services such as: sending of the SMS confirmation at delivery, sending of  the picture to the customer’s email address, sending of the greeting card.
  28. Respecting the requirements of the legal norms in Republic of Moldova, the company assumes responsibility for not supplying and not selling alcoholic beverages to the persons under the age of 18 and between 22:00 and 8:00 o'clock.